Thomas Reichart

Thomas Reichart founded, grew and sold one of the first businesses in Germany in his 20s. He was CEO of FranklinCovey in Europe, a global provider for Leadership and Change, then the Managing Director of a $100M business in his 30s. Now in his 40s, Thomas is a leading expert in the areas of Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness and the author of several books including Live with Intent and Lead Your Life Now. Reichart has an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, DUKE University. He has a Master’s Degree in Change Management and Systemic Organizational Development from the University of Augsburg. He has also graduated from the E-commerce & Strategy Executive Education Program at the Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University in Chicago. In Zurich he attained a Bachelor of Business Administration from the GSBA. Ever learning, Thomas reads several hours a day. He is constantly seeking out the latest degree, newest trends, emerging technologies and ways of working smarter. He relentlessly applies what he learns in the companies he operates and in several of the world’s top brands such as Roche, Allianz, Henkel and KPMG where he consults.

“Life is not about finding yourself—it’s about creating yourself. My greatest joy is facilitating structure and process within a managerial assignment to the point where it results in stress free productivity and increased capacity.“

Justin Tomlinson

A digital nomad, Justin likes to create value. At home in Utah, preparing to leave for San Francisco, off to Switzerland, where his elite consulting firm ValueAdd Group is based. He’ll spend a week there before heading to Budapest for another week. Then off to Paris for three days, then Panama, before heading back to Utah. Creative problem-solving skills and an unorthodox approach that involves meeting on horseback or boats instead of in boardrooms have made Tomlinson a very sought-after professional. He’s earned loyal clients at international powerhouses such as Roche, J&J, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Telus. Former Manager of Continental Europe for FranklinCovey and former Senior and Founding Partner of Reichart Effectiveness Consulting he is now owner of Value Add Group in Zurich, Switzerland. While Tomlinson loves his professional facilitation role, he sees his calling as much deeper and more personal. Tomlinson published Live with Intent co-written with longtime collaborator Thomas Reichart from Germany. With his wife Jenny, an entrepreneur and Olympic weight lifting coach, he wrote See. Do. Grow. A Pattern for Living a Life that Matters.

“I am all about helping people live a life that matters. A life that is uniquely satisfying for them. That’s different for everyone, but there are a lot of common elements: relationships, family, and doing a type of work that really has an impact.”

Theory Base

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