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Live with Intent Monthly – Subscription

Where growth happens, step by step – Welcome to Live with Intent Monthly where Justin and Thomas will inspire you every month of the year to see new horizons and do meaningful work. You are joining a community of like-minded people committed to living lives that matter. Live with Intent Monthly is available to you as a subscription service. Every four weeks, we will connect with you on-line through a live video feed where we will be discussing our latest thinking, ideas and experiences. In between live discussions, you will have access to “Live with Intent HomeBase.” This is our on-line platform where we post the video of our live discussions, continue the dialogue off-line and provide additional inspiration throughout the month.

Virtual live discussion

Live discussions will include the following elements:

Principles for Creating your Future — We will take a deeper cut on one of the 12 Live with Intent principles each month. Your life and business can only grow to the extent you grow. We are masters at inspiring people to live life on their own terms; to live with intent even when you do not feel like it. It is about making the choice of living an intentional life.

These discussions and principles will fuel you up for new value creation within your organization.

Corporate Life Simplified —The art of maintaining balance and a deep sense of purpose in the work you are doing. Cutting through the complexity with proven personal and managerial effectiveness methods for keeping your mind free of clutter and your creative juices flowing.

Growing your Personal Brand — With brand comes influence. With influence comes impact. With impact comes legacy. Each month we will offer a practical tip you can implement immediately for growing your brand, influence and legacy. By small and simple things, great things come to pass.

Impact Video of the Month — We will share with you the latest video clips we are using to shift the mindsets of individuals and teams. How to set up and debrief the clip for maximum impact. Your colleagues will look forward to your videos each month.

Thought Leader Spotlights  What are other thought leaders saying about the topics we cover? We will share what we are reading, what we are learning and who we are having conversations with. We will invite some of these thought leaders to join our broadcasts and share their stories with you directly.

Investment in Your Growth

Membership in Live with Intent Monthly is €99 per month and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Members will also receive access to all back issues and discounts on other offerings.